Tommy Thompson Park

Bike route of Tommy Thompson

Bike loop: 10km
Ride type: Road (and a bit of gravel)
Est. Moving time: 48min
Strava route:

Tommy Thompson is a man made park. A very long time ago they thought about building a port-related facilities around the area, but after a few decades a port was no longer necessary, and that spit of land became a “accidental wilderness.” After that the Province decided to push the city of Toronto to make this an actual park. Now this park have more than 100,000 visitors a year, and that includes cyclists, runners, and strollers. 

One thing to consider though, no pets are allowed as it is now a conservation of wildlife area.


Extra mile tip: if you want to do 20k, you can start the loop around Front St and Cherry St, and ended up by exiting in Leslie St. coming west to Lake Shore Blvd.